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     Welcome in the wiki



  A school for Nepal










Learning Circles Children's Rights 


All children are entitled to education in a safe school. 

During the Learning Circle project we will discover the current state of the Rights of the Child; and we can also DO something ourselves to improve the living conditions of our peers.

The building team of Maya Foundation, with Dutch and Nepalese builders need our help. You may want to think with your classmates and friends how you can contribute to the rebuilding of this school. You will get to know about the school and some of the students in the wiki.
As an optional activity you may want to help by taking action and organize some fundraising to help Sajita, Bikash and Birsha get back their school. Every little bit helps!

We are looking forward to see your ideas in this Wiki!




How it started

In April 2015, Nepal was hit by an earthquake with horrific consequences

In the weeks that followed it became clear how thousands of children couldn’t go to school any longer, simply because the school buildings collapsed. We can’t rebuild 8000 schools, but it is possible to realize the reconstruction of at least one school. Our efforts can make a big difference to a few hundred students!


What are we going to do? 


By supporting the Maya Foundation a school in Nepal can be reconstructed earthquake proof. We want to involve all participants in existing and new educational projects to realize this.
In May 2015 we had our first meeting with the 
Maya Foundation, that has supported, amongst other things, the improvement of Nepalese education aided by volunteers. 
The Expedition Team of 15 students of secondary school ‘Lyceum de Grundel’ has already started. 
In september 2015 the team committed to take the challenge to rebuild a school in Nepal.
One of their aims is to realize ‘concerned citizenship’, caring for the world. That’s why the team travels to Nepal in March 2016, to experience first-hand how important it is to learn with the world not just about the world. (see travel reports with pictures!)
They invite all students and teachers to come up with ideas for fundraising to support the reconstruction of a Nepalese school.

In this wiki we will give you an overview of all the Funding actions and results of the Expedition team and the schools of the Learning Circles


How are we going to do that?  


‘You can’t learn on your own’.
We are starting a sustainable cooperation between students and teachers in Nepal, the Netherlands and many other countries.

In the Learning Circles two secondary schools from Nepal joined us with four groups.

For the reconstruction of a school that far away we do not only need words, actions and (financial) support, but above all the support and energy of many people! 




From February till the end of May 2016, you are working together in global classes, doing research about international issues related to Children’s Rights using the internet, email and social media.  In 2016, children from the Learning Circles can make a difference for children in Nepal, by their active participation in (ideas for) fund raising.




So, Let's roll up our sleeves for a school in Nepal! 


In this wiki there is a page for all your ideas about funding.





With whom?


We made contact with the Maya Foundation and got acquainted with founder René Voss. This foundation has helped the inhabitants of the Kaski district and surrounding area since 2004 by locally supported projects involving education, health care, and rural development.

The Maya Foundation will select a school that can be (re-)built. They have contacts with both Nepalese and Dutch builders.



Lyceum de Grundel - Hengelo


The past year Lyceum de Grundel‘ opted for a great challenge: the development of ‘future oriented education’ in cooperation with Bob Hofman. Future oriented education offers a challenging, contemporary education that teaches pupils to be fully aware of their own education and to take more control of how they learn. 


An expedition team of 15 students took the challenge of rebuilding a school in Nepal.
There must be a hundred reasons or more why this is hard to include in the curriculum or impossible to achieve. However, there can be only one reason why with enormous enthusiasm and effort, the pupils and teachers of ‘de Grundel’ will succeed: ‘It can’t be done’ doesn’t exist. Check out the 
FaceBook Page of Expeditie Nepal and their travel reports to Nepal (March 2016) 

By the way…the team is on expedition in Nepal from March 16 to 27 and in April 2016 the new school is due to open :-)


What are the aims of the Expedition team from De Grundel?

  • Working together for a year in a team

  • Turning a meaningful international project into a success.

  • Personal growth

  • Using skills and talents to help others.

  • Look into social problems that occur somewhere in the world.

  • Broadening knowledge and skills.

  • Active learning attitude




The school in Harmi





Report by René Voss, founder of the Maya Foundation: 
Together with Expedition Nepal of ‘Lyceum de Grundel’ we are going to rebuild a secondary school in Harmi:
The Mahendra Leela Higher Secondary School.

We will use an earthquake resistant building technique (with so called earth bags). The building is being supervised by Kenny, an American with over 20 years of experience with this building technique. He will remain at the construction site for two months. Other members of the team are the New Zealander Tes (who was already in Nepal when the earthquake happened and offered emergency relief when visiting that location) and two Dutchmen, Bert and Geert. 




Clearing away debris in Thumi. This school was originally chosen to rebuild.


For several reasons another school is chosen to be rebuild with support of Expedition Team De Grundel and hopefully many students from the Learning Circles! That will be the Mahendra Leela Higher Secondary School in Harmi in Gorkha district

We can't visit this school because of safety reasons in this area.


March 2016: Meeting on location with the principal of the school


Both locations are situated in the 
district Ghorka (that’s where the epic centre of the first quake was) 


The local population consists mainly of Buddhists, but also Hindus and Christians live there. 



The school in Thumi





  • More information about this fundraising project? Please contact:

    The Netherlands: Manon van Herwijnen (coördinator)

  • Projectcoordinator Global Teenager Project: Bob Hofman  



Overview Fundraising and results 

Country School Funding Activity Result  


 Netherlands  Visio Onderwijs Grave       

Visio Onderwijs Rotterdam





OBS De Voorsprong








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